Frame Fittings

Meyer Eyecare matches your prescription to the best-suited frame for your face shape and vision needs.

Our experienced staff will help find the perfect fit for you and educate you on the various lens materials, lens coating options, and coloration available.

We offer a wide variety of frames to suit everyone, including:

  • Plastic frames
  • Rimless – the lightest weight available
  • Titanium and stainless steel
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Infant/toddler eyewear
  • Custom clip-ons

We also offer a wide variety of lens options for your frames, including:

  • Premium anti-reflective coating (Crizal or Teflon)  – to reduce glare and enhance night driving
  • Anti-scratch coating
  • Anti-Fog
  • Ultra-thin
  • Premium lens products
  • Varilux Progressive Lenses
    • High-definition
    • Digital lens technology – newest advancements in lens technology for the crystal clear vision
    • Custom tints – including Coppertone polarized clarity
  • Prevencia lenses – special lens coating that prevents the damaging effects of blue light from electronic devices, LED lights, and sunlight

Stop by for an in-office custom frame fitting…walk-in and see! See more of what we offer under Eyewear and Contacts