Pediatric Eyecare

We love seeing little ones and educating parents.

It is recommended that all little ones have their first regular eye exam when they are 6 months old and again as toddlers. Our eye doctors can do everything they do for adults for kids, just in a different way. With special flashlights, they are able to measure glasses while the children watch a kid-friendly movie. During an eye exam, they can test a child’s eye muscles, depth perception, and color vision, and look inside their eyes to check the health.

Meyer Eyecare offers infant and toddler eye exams.

As an Early Intervention provider for the State of Illinois, our doctors see many children who are 0-3 years old. Dr. Ingelse completed a pediatric residency with a rotation through Children’s Memorial Hospital Ophthalmology Clinic, and Dr. Ahrens concentrated in Pediatric Eye Care at Illinois College of Optometry. They know the treatments and will educate parents accordingly.

Meyer Eyecare’s other Pediatric Eyecare services:

  • Developmental testing
  • Strabismus diagnosis and treatment
  • Vision therapy for binocular vision disorders or amblyopia treatment (lazy eye)

We are happy to be a provider for Specs4Us which specializes in eyewear for children with Down’s Syndrome.  Visit to learn more.

To learn more about your child’s vision, look under the Patient Education section of our website.