Sports Vision

Vision testing for athletes is important because improved sports vision skills can lead to better performance.

To play any sport well, you have to see well. When engaged in competitive sports, visual fitness becomes as important as physical fitness. Hand-eye coordination, depth perception and eye tracking ability are a few sports skills that come to mind that athletes use every day. Just as exercise and practice can improve an athlete’s fitness and performance, there are ways to improve “visual fitness” as well.

Meyer Eyecare offers special eyewear for athletes, such as safety spectacle lenses with break resistant plastic. We also offer sports vision testing and special vision therapy exercises to optimize visual performance.

Sports vision testing at Meyer Eyecare may include:

  • Eye chart tests
  • Contrast sensitivity tests
  • Eye tracking devices
  • Ocular alignment tests
  • Eye dominance tests
  • Depth perception measurements
  • Assessments of visual processing speed and hand-eye coordination
  • Eye teaming tests