Vision Therapy

We administer vision therapy for patients of all ages.

Many visual conditions can be treated effectively with spectacles or contact lenses alone; however, some are most effectively treated with vision therapy.

Vision therapy is a sequence of activities individually prescribed and monitored by the doctor to develop efficient visual skills and processing. The vision therapy program is based on the results of standardized tests, the needs of the patient, and the patient’s signs and symptoms.

The use of lenses, prisms, filters, occluders, specialized instruments, and computer programs is an integral part of vision therapy. The length of the program typically ranges from several weeks to several months, and includes in-office therapy as well as activities to be practiced at home.

Vision therapy at Meyer Eyecare can be an effective treatment option for:

  • Ocular motility dysfunctions (eye movement disorders)
  • Non-strabismic binocular disorders (inefficient eye teaming)
  • Strabismus (misalignment of the eyes)
  • Amblyopia (lazy eye)
  • Accommodative disorders (focusing problems)
  • Visual information processing disorders
  • Diplopia (double vision)
  • Poorly developed vision